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Chiropractic Techniques

Chiropractic is effective in treating many types of pain and discomfort. Your treatment plan will be based on a series of tests and an examination. At your first appointment in our Lehi, UT, office, Dr. Johnson will take all of the information and decide what treatments will best help resolve discomfort and heal the underlying cause of your pain.

Once you’ve been evaluated, this treatment plan will be used to guide your treatment at home and at Wasatch Sports and Family Chiropractic. There are several techniques and modalities that we utilize.

Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP®)

CBP® is a chiropractic technique that targets optimal posture and alignment. With CBP®, the analysis of posture is in 3D state-of-the-art digital x-rays and e-rays will be taken considering the head and rib cage, and pelvis along the X, Y, and Z, axes. During CBP treatment, data is collected throughout the process, providing measurable data and evidence of progress. You can expect long-term pain relief, improved mobility, better muscle reflexes, improved balance, and more.

Active Release Techniques (ART)

Adhesions and scar tissue from soft tissue injuries are broken up using this manual therapy. This relieves limited motion, pain, weakness, numbness, and tingling. Conditions treated with ART, such as tennis elbow, golfer, frozen shoulder, sciatica, Little League Elbow, trigger finger, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, etc. Ask us if ART will work for you.

The Graston Technique

This manual therapy is aided by special instruments to enhance the massage-like motions of the Graston Technique. The goal of this treatment is to reduce pain and increase function through breaking down scar tissue, stretching connective tissue, and to promote a better healing environment.

The Webster Technique

During pregnancy, chiropractic treatment offers many benefits. The Webster Technique works to align the pelvis and nervous system function. The adjustment then balances pelvic muscles and can work to move the fetus into an optimal position. The Webster Technique can also be used to help the body correct fetal breech positioning.

Selective Functional Movement Analysis (SFMA)

SFMA consists of seven movement tests, and multiple sub-tests) to help evaluate patients who are experiencing pain. This assessment assists Dr. Johnson in finding the root cause of pain so he can prescribe the best treatment.

Other Chiropractic Treatments Include but Are Not Limited To:

  • Spinal Adjustments
  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Stretching
  • And More

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